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The Village Health Teams (VHT) manual is electronized to achieve training of VHTs even during the COVID19 pandemic. With gatherings on hold, training of VHTs is equally affected at the time when their community services in much needed to support the management of COVID-19 at community level. The mobile application(CC-BY) is used as substitute to physical training and it requires having at least one or two memembers in the locallity having a smartphone for the rest(VHTs) to benefit but it is more beneficial if every VHT owned a smartphone and can learn about dieseas and health management proceedures from their homes. The mobile application was tested in the district of Agago(450 km away from Kampala capital) during a family planning training organised by Marie Stopes one of Ministry of Health Implementing Partners(IP) in Uganda. The application requires futher development to include suggested components. The findings below are the view from members(VHTs) who worked with the mobile application and after responded to a survey.
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