KAVEDIN is an Education Tchnology and Learning Company registered in Uganda under the company registration act of the republic of Uganda. KAVEDIN is registered as Kampala Virtual Education Institute Ltd (KAVEDIN). The company aims at providing a number of professional services in the field of E-learning, Learning Management System setup, training and Support and Market and social research related to the sector.

Kavedin was established by a group of dedicated Ugandans. The Kavedin team is composed of members who have practiced field work and teaching at higher level of education. Kavedin is an e-learning promoter, research and training institution that has made training of organisation-staffs and institution-students manageable and periodically easy. Kavedin’s conviction is to easy the task of conducting in-house training and refresher courses for institution employees but also offer to academic institutions an opportunity to reach out to learners away from institution premises . We come with an effective and working solution proven and used worldwide.

Our Mission
Mission Statement

To offer an excellent and exemplary e-learning services to our clients.


To promote E-learning Education by fostering proven methods of Knowledge and Skills acquisition.


Our values are part and parcel of what we stand for as pillars of the companies' -Integrity - Honesty and -Transparency.


Revolutionarize training and learning by promoting education technology in Uganda